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About us

Techoshield Security we are Specialists in providing the latest in Technology and the most Advance secure security solutions in the whole of Cyprus.

We Partner only with Companies that pursue excellence like Climax which that they lead on the field of Wireless Security System, Neotech Photoelecric Inc that they lead on Day and Night color Cameras and quality reliable DVR and etc.

Our goal is to bring to you the most advance secure products available that's why with partner with Climax which they Produce the most advanced, stable and secure Wireless Alarm product available on the market today with the latest two-way radio technology and Dual Frequency Hopping and Code Encryption. As well with Neotech Photolecric Inc that are producing for years now cameras that are capable of full color image even at Night.

Our mission is to Supply in Cyprus Security products that everybody can afford and being proud owner of them, That's why we Partner with Jurway, Pensee, Longhorn, Hanway, because they produce quality products at reasonable price range which they also test everything before to shipped out.

We have establish in Cyprus in 2009 but we having over 20 Years business experience in Australia (which the Owner was in Business until 2009 which move to Cyprus and) which we are proud of it because we brought the work ethics a big competition country like Australia has to offer. We believe to sell products that are long lasting, offering after sale service from expert specialist and above all being Honest with the clients.

Our show room is base at

39B Georgiou Averof

Ayios Ioannis

Limassol 3061 

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